My work is driven by obsessive imagery and symbols and my interest in creating an image that asks the viewer to question "what's really going on?"

Through out my artwork there are images and symbols that are repeated and recreated to an almost obsessive level. These images start out as small interests or sources of inspiration and develop and morph into images that I obsessively create, use and merge with older imagery and symbols to further tell a new story. What the story is, I like to leave vague for the viewer to create their own, though on occasion, the title of my works will nudge the viewer in the proper direction. I enjoy the idea that each image I create can be interpreted differently and is almost a look into each viewer's psyche. Is the silhouetted helicopter helping or hindering? Are the burnt matches the result of bringing light or causing destruction?

My most recent works, mostly screenprints, are a result of a summer of personal introspection and almost near solitude and isolation. The missing parts reference the self-awareness that occurred during introspection and the dual nature of some of the prints depict the inner dialogue that occurs during times of solitude.